Friday, March 4, 2011

A few pick-ups.

I’ve made a few stops here & there this week for some quick pick-ups for the house, so since yesterday didn’t prove to be anything blogworthy I thought I’d share the boring store-bought items & ideas that have come to existence this week. {Can you contain your excitement?}

Our living room set up lacks good places for chairs or love seats, so we currently have one couch and one large chair {we refer to as “the throne.”}Eugene & I talked about picking up some ottomans or a bench for some extra seating if we ever have more guests than seats. This week, Target had this storage ottoman on sale for 16 bucks.


So,I reluctantly brought home three of them in brown. While I don’t love them, it’s a great price & they might be our best option for now. I’m still deciding if I should keep all three or return a couple. For right now, I placed all three in a row under our big living room window and plan to drape a soft throw over them to make them look like a bench. Or I could always move them to another room – I love the slip covered look of them in the bedroom below.

Image source

While at Target, I couldn’t resist stopping at my favorite section – the Dollar Spot – for most of the items below. The pup was channeling his inner Vanna White as I took the pic this morning. He’s slightly attention crazy, to say the least.


The little silver pails were just a buck each & I’m envisioning them hanging in a row on a wall somewhere…right now I’m thinking the guest bathroom, holding towels, lotion, etc. Looks cute in my head, we’ll see how it/if turns out! The clock has a stainless steel frame {looks white in the pic} and was the most expensive in this picture…a whopping $3. I’m thinking kitchen for the clock.

The two packs of blank note cards are cute & I love having a stack around for sending cards for those last minute “Oh I forgot that was today!” moments that always seem to pop up. The chalk’s for the kitchen chalkboard wall we have planned. And that pink & white thing was a great snag for me. With all the buying we’ve done for the house, I’ve been trying to keep track of all our receipts so our returns are easier and nothing important gets thrown away. Up to this point, I’ve used a basic envelope, but it’s looking pretty rough since I carry it around everywhere in my purse. Enter cute pink mini file sorter thingy…


It’s like it was born for this purpose! {Seriously, the things that make me happy these days are pretty ridiculous.}


{Two more pick ups & this lame post will be over. Promise.}

Yesterday during my lunch break, I picked up this hanging mirror for $1.99 at Goodwill. I’ve got plans to paint the frame, add a ribbon tie, and maybe even make it into a sunburst mirror which are all the rage in blogland.


Lastly, I picked up a new light fixture on sale from Menards. It’ll find its home in our main bathroom. I’m thinking it’ll get along nicely with our newly reno’d faucet now that it’s ORB too. {See this post for details on my faucet spray painting adventure.}


It’ll be slightly better than our existing light fixture…


I know, it’s rough.

Okay, so there ya go. A riveting post on purchased items. Next post will be more interesting, Scout’s Honor. We’re painting the living room this weekend & maybe I can get the pup to play Vanna White again for the big reveal! Stay tuned.



  1. Well, I thought your post was very interesting.. : ) On those storage cubes... $16... are you kidding?? What a geat price. If you like them in front of your window, but not the color, slipcover them for right there. That would be a great look.
    Your light like looks fab & your faucets are what got me hooked on your blog... on my "to-do" list & I recently saw where someone did the same with thier shower doors & all the brass surrounding it. I am doing that also.. soon, very soon... : )

  2. Aw, thanks, Kathy! I still have a few more items to spray paint in the bathroom {towel rings & bars}, but I'm glad you liked the project!

  3. So funny because I just went to Target a couple weeks ago and purchased those silver buckets and the pink mini file for coupons! We think alike :)


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