Friday, May 20, 2011

Straight out of a TLC episode.

Since we moved, one of the bedrooms has become a storage area for all our junk belongings that we haven’t found a place for yet & renovation items. It’s gotten to the point where the room looks like it’s straight out of the TLC show Hoarding: Buried Alive. If I ever need motivation to clean and organize my house, I simply watch that show & it scares the snot out of me enough to keep me cleaning all night. I digress. Anyway, here’s the mess of a room {keepin’ it real here, despite the embarrassment}…



So after organizing, purging, and putting lots of stuff away, here’s the room now…



Just a corner of items including our tall toilet to be installed in our main bathroom, some boxes of frames, pillows, and extra decorating pieces yet to find a home. Much less hoarder-ish!

I also tried to install two more lights – one in the kitchen & one in our hallway, and both resulted in failure. {Cue the “woop, woop, woop” sound.} This is the kitchen light – same as the one conquered above the sink. – and the poor shade was all smashed in the box, but luckily I want to have a larger shade anyway, so no sleep lost on this one.


But the hallway one was a little more frustrating. I had this basic five buck light we bought from Ikea, and after I got it all installed {yeah, me!} I went to pick up the glass cover and it broke in two.


So for now, I’m stuck with this ugly thing, until I can find a replacement or think of a DIY solution…


I guess it was a bad evening to work on lighting!  Eh, on well.


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