Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The countertop debate.

Since my last post was such a downer {sorry, just had to get it out there}, today’s will be much more uplifting {you’re welcome.} Yesterday, after work I went to a local business networking dinner event where the guest speaker was the inventor of the CD-ROM & DVD. He spoke about how God directed his steps through his inventions and business endeavors even when he didn’t want to do what God was leading him to do, starting his own company. It was also really neat to hear him explain how a CD is made using a large glass piece {called a Master} that has all of the original information on it, a smaller piece that gets the same information from the Master directly imprinted onto it from the master {called the Son}, and finally, the replica which is the CD. I’m sure you can see the clear analogy he drew where we are the replicas & made to share the message of the Master. Pretty cool.

On a completely unrelated note, I also stocked up on groceries & after watching the ca-razy show Extreme Couponing I decided to take the plunge and try out a few coupons at Meijer {cause they double ‘em}. I’ve used coupons before {see this dorky post}, but most of the time I can find better deals at Aldi & I just think couponing is annoying and takes too much time. But I fell for the media brainwashing through the 98%, thousand dollar savings on TLC.

I saved 8 big ones yesterday. Spent $20. I felt like a tiny ant in the world of couponing, but I was pretty pumped about two deals that were purely make-me-happy {and not feel guilty b/c I had a coupon} purchases…

image IMG_0700
image source

Did you know these existed? Me neither, but they’re super good. I joked with Eugene that we had to make them last until Easter & he said we’d be lucky to have any left in the morning. :) I also got some Kix. Mmm so good.


Other things that made me happy yesterday:

  • Fully filled {guess that’s a bit redundant} cereal jars…


{I heart cereal & I hate that boomerang bowling alley countertop. Sheesh.}

  • Clean, dust-free, dog hair-free shiny living room floors…


  • The pup staring out the window at pretty weather {see a winter version of this pic}…


  • Getting rid of the red accent colors in the living room by switching out the art over the fireplace.


This is just a temporary fix, but I was just really not feeling the red poppy picture anymore since I’m trying to bring in some blue with my new kitchen fabric. So I used this fabric square purchased at Hancock fabrics for $2, threw it in a {slightly too small for this space} Ikea frame, and called it good. I love the colors & the paisley, and it definitely helps me picture the color schemes I want to incorporate.  I’ll probably end up using the fabric to make a throw pillow for the couch some day down.


So now onto the promised countertop decision explanation. The boomerangs are in no way, shape, or form staying.


So our decision is between two very different countertops. Option #1: Black Galaxy Granite

image image
image source                                                                                                                       image source

Or option #2: Butcher Block

image image
image source                                                                                                                                  image source

Things to keep in mind for this decision:

1) We have a green glass mosaic tile to use for the backsplash. We know this will look sweet with the granite, but we’re not sure how it will go with the butcher block. Here’s our tile {left} and maybe what butcher block looks like with mosaic {right.}

image  image
                                                                         image source

2) Obviously, granite is much more expensive. We’re looking at about $1,000 difference, which is tricky because we have the money, but is it wise to invest it into the kitchen and boost the resale, or should we bank the extra bucks & use it for something else {i.e. new windows}? This is really the biggest deciding factor.

3) Installment is also an issue. There’s a really great tutorial on Triangle Honeymoon on how to DIY your own butcher block countertops & they even have an undermount sink, which we want, but we’re just not convinced this is the type of task we’re wise to try on our own without any expertise.

So where does that leave us? Eugene is voting 100% granite. I’m really torn. One second I love the shiny sleek look of granite, the other second I like the homey, casual look of butcher block. I don’t really want to install it ourselves, but I also don’t know if it’s smart to spend that much money on a countertop. Hmm…what do you think? I’d love any/all opinions on this matter!



  1. I'm voting butcher block. :-) (Sorry, Jordon!) I love the look, and I think the black counter tops with your chalkboard wall might get dark. That said, I love wood in all forms, so I might be bit biased.

  2. I vote butcher block too. Not only are you saving money but I think there is some type of upkeep with the granite that you have to do every few years or something like that. Just a thought!

  3. I vote Granite. I think there would be more upkeep with butcher block to keep them sealed and stain free. Plus, it would definitely help resale.

  4. check out
    she does another website called and thats what I use down here for my couponing:)

    love both countertops... but granite is easier in the long run..the butcher blocks have to be treated and sealed when they get scratches and food in the cracks

  5. I love granite countertops....with and undermounted sink. And when you have a beautiful countertop like that you should keep clutter off of it and keep it clean!


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