Monday, December 6, 2010

Filled to the brim.

This weekend was chock full o’ events. It started with a Friday night event at work – a local business’ Christmas party. The party went well & all seemed to have a good time. Aren’t the decorations I labored over pretty? :)



You finally get to see the “after” shot of my green nemesis.


I worked late till the end of the party & then had to reset all the tables & chairs or the next party in less than 24 hours. Bright & early Saturday, Eugene & I headed to Cedarville to his girls’ basketball game. They played really well {best all season} & had such a great win! I would have pictures to share, but I dropped my camera before the game started so it was broken for about an hour…thankfully it started working again later {wondrous thing.} Unfortunately, this is the only pic I got that morning!


From there, we ate some lunch & pretty soon I was off to two more events for work. One was a Shriner’s Christmas party & the other was a wedding reception at my other banquet center.


Here’s extra big tree #2 I put up – I had help for this one though.


I love ornaments with the white lights. The wedding reception went really well & the mother of the bride thanked me with a nice tip! She was so appreciative for all my help. It was nice to get such great thanks since usually my clients are so busy & overwhelmed on their big day they rarely think to tell me thank you.


And Sunday after church, I went to another baby shower for my friend, Libby.



I bought her the cutest little infant crocks…


What a pretty momma!


We’ll get to finally meet little Griffin in just a little over a month. :)

{P.S. If ya could, please say a prayer that our house expectations go very well tomorrow afternoon & nothing comes up that we didn’t already expect.}


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