Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Universal Studios.

The first full day we spent in Orlando, we concentrated our time in Universal Studios.



We watched Shrek in 4D where the seats bounced and shook with every shift in the movie. We also watched Jimmy Neutron in 3D , sitting in little rockets that dove and zoomed through the movie’s outer space. Other action rides/movies we watched that day were Terminator {which Rita slept though} , and Twister {where the actor had an issue standing up straight.}


We also rode the Men in Black ride, where each rider gets a gun to shoot aliens as you’re carted through this dark downtown scene. The first time we played, I failed miserably {I’m talking by 80-some thousand points}, but the second time I actually beat Eugene! {Bahahaha!}


Eugene & his brother & sisters rode Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall twice. And Dillan started screaming {as a joke} when the employee was reading the instructions and was quickly told  “SILENCE!”{in the best very loud villain voice.}


Eugene’s in the first seat to the right of the center of the picture…


Spiderman {literally} grabbed Eugene for a photo opp., and he then offered me the chance to freelance my photography for the Daily Bugle. :)


We stopped at a cute spot with some of the Christmas decorations for husband & wife pics…


Eugene & I are so thankful that his parents allowed us to come on their vacation with them!



Eugene also visited the NBA restaurant that’s on the city walk at Universal….


It was a great vaca day at Universal Studios…



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