Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day one of vaca in Orlando.

So we’re here in Orlando, wearing sweats because it’s only 50 degrees, but still happy because 50 degrees & rainy in Florida is still {much} better than 19 degrees and snowy in Ohio!

Last night was an interesting one to say the least. We flew from Dayton to Charlotte with no issues {other than me realizing I was so worried about the dog situation, I forgot to bring my headphones and my earrings.}  We had just a few minutes to waste during our layover in NC, and of course Eugene’s sister, Heidi, is always hamming it up for the camera…


I thought the plane looked cool in the airport…


Eugene & his dad checking the temp & other details for our Orlando arrival. Exciting stuff, I know...


Quick pose with the hubs - nasty & exhausted from working all day and then flying.


Then we flew from Charlotte to Orlando with no issues. We rented a van, drove to our house, and still no issues. That is, until we open the door of our rented Florida house and saw a “last notice” posted for the owners to call immediately or their service would be shut off. We quickly found out that the beautiful house in which we were hoping to dive into bed when we arrived at 2 am had no water - zip, zero, nada. Just lovely.

Eugene’s poor dad had to make countless calls at the crack of dawn, each time getting passed on to someone else who was supposed to be able to help us. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a solution so we headed to a local hotel to crash around 3 am.

Thankfully, that next morning Eugene’s dad finally reached someone who got the water on in the house, so back we went. We just relaxed & recovered that day {thankfully.} The house is a really nice four bedroom house with a kitchen & the works including the hot tub & pool {for when it gets warmer?!}


Eugene’s brother, Dilla, lived it up picking out the festive tiki goblet for his Mt. Dew & hot dog lunch…


We got our game on at the club house a few paces away from our place. Air hockey, billards, pool…





Oh, and there’s a pond outside our house that Eugene’s been keeping an eye on – he wants to find a gator to wrestle…


Then we went putt-putting where the ultimate competitive duo {Eugene & his brother} faced off, only to loose to their dad…


I thought this picture below was so funny because everyone was walking in different directions – all scoping out where the hole placement was. This family is serious putt-putters.


How about my pretty sister-in-laws… :)


And my great parent-in-laws who so generously offered us the opportunity to come along with them. {Thank you, thank you, thank you!}


And my awesome husband who I love {so much.}


The whole fam enjoyed dinner out after the intense miniature golf match…


And then we just hung out the rest of the night & played some cards. {Not to brag, but I actually won, which never happens when I play with Eugene!}

All was wonderful, except that we had to have our friends take the pup to stay with our vet because he was being aggressive. {Not good at all!} He’s never been aggressive, but I’m wondering if it’s just because he’s never been left alone or because he was likely injured when we were there the other night. Not sure, but I just feel awful about the whole situation!

Despite the bad news about the dog misbehavin’, it was still a very nice start to the vaca.


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