Monday, December 13, 2010

An actual date night.

I’ve had so many events for work lately with Christmas right around the corner. I worked one Thursday night, two Friday night, and one Sunday. Shew! It’s been a long week – let’s just say that.

Luckily {or, more like, wondrous thing} I had Saturday evening off & I got a text that morning from my college volleyball coach offering Eugene & me two free tickets to the DI NCAA Women’s Volleyball Elite Eight game in Dayton. We made it into a little date night…stopped at the fancy McD’s for dinner on our way & enjoyed a great five game match, with USC finally defeating Stanford in 16-14 in the last game.


I’m 6 feet tall & these girls were so much taller than me!



My college coach did some color commentary for a radio station, thus scored the free tickets for us.


USC & Stanford had played 3 times already this season & Stanford won all three times, so we were secretly rooting for the underdog, USC to win big.


This player was only a freshman, but unbelievably powerful & poised!


Do you see how the middle’s head’s well above the net. She’s way tall & jumps way high. {Slightly jealous.}


We had to laugh at ourselves…since when did McDonald’s count as a dinner date?! That’s what happens when you’re trying to keep a tight fist on the budget for a new house! :)

Regardless of where we ate our burger & fries, it was {so} amazing to spend an entire evening together doing something outside of the house that didn’t consist of work or stressful decisions about life!

{PS Still no news on whether the bank will pay for a new septic. They did agree to pay for the plumbing fixes needed in the basement - around $1,000 - but nothing about the septic yet - up to $10,000. Still praying hard for a miracle!}


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  1. Whoo I'm In some of these pictures.:]


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