Thursday, December 2, 2010

The stocking are hung.

After the Ohio State vs. Michigan game, Eugene & I decided to deck the halls. Here’s a pic from earlier that day…yes, we’re a house divided, but we make it work. ;)
Eugene’s decided that once we own a house, we’ll get a “real” Christmas tree, but for now, we just borrow an  one from his parents since they have an extra {thanks!}
Poor thing looked so sad, half put together!
Next came the lights…
And then the ornaments {I added another box of ornaments after I took this picture too.}
For our wedding gift, my sister gave me such a neat Christmas ornament set that she pieced together item by item to fit with a note explaining the significance:
According to the old German tradition, the tree of a newlywed couple should include these twelve ornaments to insure blessing and happiness for their life together…
  • an angel  for God’s guidance in the home
  • a rose for beauty and affection
  • a rabbit for hope and faith
  • a teapot for hospitality
  • a pine cone for motherhood and fruitfulness
  • a santa for unselfishness and goodwill
  • a house for shelter and protection
  • a fruit basket for generosity
  • a bird for happiness and joy
  • a flower basket for good wishes
  • a heart for true love
  • a fish for Christ’s blessing
Here’s the big gold heart ornament…
And my favorite of all, the fish…
I love that I have all these beautiful ornaments on our tree & I love the meaning behind each one – not to mention the fact that they were a gift from my sister on our wedding day. :)
After Christmas last year, Eugene & I bought stockings on clearance, so I was excited to actually hang stockings this year {it’s the little things in life!}
And the stockings with the {not-so-real-looking} garland. One for Eugene, Espn, & me.
I guess the pup’s not too excited about the decorations…this is how I found him 20 minutes after we got home from my parents’ place. He gets so worn out from their big yard!
Next on the list is to hand stitch our names on our stockings using embroidery floss & to sew a tree skirt {someday}.
Oh, and in keeping with the Christmas spirit, I love this Christmas song by Jars of Clay.

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  1. I like the story behind the ornament set from your sister! Thanks for sharing!


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