Thursday, December 16, 2010

New pals for the pup.

We took the pup to meet two new pals who he’d be rooming with while we go on vacation. Our friends were nice enough to have us over last night to see how the dogs would get along.{Thanks Sarah & Jake!}


How cute are they!


They got along pretty well & I feel much better knowing he has people who will take good care of him while we’re away.

Unfortunately, we have to take the poor guy to the vet today because his shoulder’s giving him some intense pain. Poor pup’s been yelping & shaking since he woke up this morning! I’m hoping he’s just got a sore arm. :(

Super busy night tonight & the week to follow, so I probably won’t get many posts out until after Christmas. Hang with me though…I promise I’ll be back with tons of pics & recaps! :)


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