Thursday, December 23, 2010

Islands of Adventure.

We spent the second day at the other park at Universal – Islands of Adventure. This park had more musical/theatrical shows & it also had the Wizarding World of Harry Potter {which was pretty sweet…yes, that may make me a dork.}


We all rode the Hulk rollercoaster, which made me ridiculously dizzy afterwards. {I’m weird like that.}


We watched Sinbad – a pirate show that had acting that reminded us of the old Power Rangers TV shows. Yeah, that good.


Then we entered Dr. Seuss land…


Where there was live Seuss-sounding music…


Real hoos…


And we met up with our friends from Cedarville, the Mosher’s…


Eugene & Ryan were groomsmen in each other’s weddings & the four of us enjoyed hanging out together for the brief time we lived in the same apartment complex. After our wedding, they moved to Florida, and it just lucked out that they were only an hour away from Orlando. So we got to spend an afternoon catching up with them.

They arrived to meet us just in time for the Grinch show…



We also caught up while waiting an hour and a half to experience a Poseidon’s Fury walk-through adventure/ride.


We went out to dinner with them after we left the park. Felt just like things had never changed. I just love friendships that can click right back into place, despite miles of separation and lots of life changes. It was so great to meet up with them again!


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