Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A visit to Santa and twins.

I just had to share these two pictures of my precious niece on her first visit with Santa. She’s so absolutely adorable…not to mention that this Santa is {SO} great! He’s got me believing! :)

Cate being her curious self, checkin’ out the old man in red…


Guess she likes ‘em! What a pretty smile for Santa…


Onto other topics, last night we had plans to meet up with our small group at church for some casual volleyball. I went upstairs to get dressed & when I came down Eugene just started laughing at me. He pulled his hoodie off to show me that we were wearing the same exact outfit…how precious! {Note the sarcasm, please.} Oh my word we were just laughing so hard because this is probably the third time we’ve dressed identically {by accident} to go out together. I forced him to pose for a picture just to capture the ridiculousness.


Aren’t we just so gosh darn adorable? Maybe this should be our Christmas card this year!  Bahaha!


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