Friday, December 3, 2010

Our own Thanksgiving tradition.

This is a bit delayed, but I’ve got nothing else remotely interesting to share today. It’s been a down week for me because last week was so full of family, free time, and time away from work, so this week going back to work, my sister & her family flying back to Oklahoma, not seeing Eugene much at all b/c of our work schedule, not feeling well {etc.} it’s been a rough week.

Anyhoo, I’d like to post a new tradition Eugene & I started this year for Thanksgiving. We are blessed to live close to our parents, so it’s really easy for us to go along through the holidays and participate in everyone’s already-set traditions without actually creating our own, for the two of us. So, we decided to try something new this year – nothing mind-blowing or creative, but something just for us.

We cut sheets of colored paper & each took turns writing a blessing we’re thankful for this year & the date. We shared each idea out loud together. We only did a handful, because we want to add to the same collection each year, so next year we’ll write another handful of blessings on a different color of paper strips. That way we can look through the previous year’s blessings & be even more thankful.


I hope to find a beautiful container to display our yearly blessings, but for now a mason jar will work just fine…


So even though it’s a down week for me, I know I have tons of blessings...and a new tradition for my husband & me to share together. :)


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