Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not the best news.

Yesterday, I spent 3 1/2 hours at our potential house having various inspectors and specialists check it. I first had a plumber come check an issue we have to fix for the Health District. Then, I had the septic company come to pump our septic system. Then, the full house & chimney inspections were to follow.


I’ve been praying that nothing unexpected would show up, in particular, that it wouldn’t need a new septic tank because that can run upwards six grand to fix…and we didn’t budget that large cost into in our long list of renovations we were planning.

At first, I thought we were free & clear. The two men who pumped the septic told me that it was only half full, but that they didn’t notice any leaks or issues with it, and it could just be low because of underuse {the house has been empty for over a year & a half.}


So at that point I was just waiting to hear how the full house inspection would go. Thankfully, that all went well – no cracks in the foundation, no termites, no electrical issues, just the repairs we already knew about, a kitchen pipe to replace and a broken dishwasher {we planned for new appliances anyway.}

Right when the full house inspection ended, I got a call from our realtor telling me that he just got a call from the Health District saying that we need to replace the septic tank {we’re guessing it’s because it was low.} Instantly my heart sank. The bank’s selling the house “as-is”, so it’s definitely not likely at all that they will pay for a new septic, and Eugene & I don’t want to spend more than we budgeted so as to keep a comfortable amount of money in our savings account for emergencies {since I’ve already been laid-off once}. With that said, this could and probably will be a deal-breaker for us…unless the bank somehow agrees pays for the septic replacement. :( Also, after we got home, we learned that the fireplace piping was installed incorrectly and will be another $1,640 to fix. So, probably just under $9k that we didn’t expect.

I’m believing in God. And I trust that He’s way bigger than this bank & our expectations. He has a plan for our house, whether this is the place or not, and I’m just trying to trust wholeheartedly in Him. And I’m asking clearly that God has the bank agree to pay for the septic to be replaced.

"But let him ask in faith, without any doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, driven by the wind and tossed." James 1:6

God’s will is perfect, so we’ll see where He takes us.

On a brighter note, after getting hardly any sleep last night {too much on my mind}, I had a wonderful breakfast…


It was wonderful because when I would visit my grandparents in Florida, this was our daily breakfast – half a grapefruit & peanut butter toast. My grandpa passed away in 1999, but I couldn’t help but think happy thoughts about him this morning as I ate my Floridian breakfast. I hope he would be proud of me & the woman I’m becoming today. It’s really funny how our senses can trigger memories. I could practically smell the coffee & cologne on him as I ate my grapefruit! Such a great meal to start my day. :)


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