Monday, November 22, 2010

Relaxing with family.

This weekend was a bit more relaxed than usual. Friday evening we went to another family birthday party & then relaxed at home the rest of the night. Saturday we spent the whole day at my parents’ place visiting with my mom & grandma. It was nice to just stay in one place for 12 hours, and I enjoyed visiting with my grandma Goldie. {Big surprise…she’s doing dishes & making sure everything’s all cleaned up.}


Then we had a first…Espn actually tried to catch the Frisbee.


Eugene’s a baseball player, so it’s been a slap in the face bit disappointing that our dog has an aversion to catching things. It used to be that he would let the ball hit him right between the eyes without even attempting to catch it first. But after lots of training, he’ll catch an occasional tossed ball. And on Saturday, he took a big leap forward and caught a Frisbee! Eugene was so happy! {Please note, we’re not really this obsessed with the dog & this paragraph is slightly sarcastic in excitement, lol!}


Saturday night we went from my parents’ to his parents’. His brother was home from college & so we hung out a while. Dillan bought a new game that was quite amusing…Play Station Move. Heard of it? Well it has a camera that shows an image of you and as you wave around a wand, it replaces the end with an object needed for the game (i.e. a racket for tennis, a hammer for a digging game, a ball for broche ball.) See the ball in Heidi’s hand, but the racket end on the TV screen?


Anyway, it’s pretty entertaining because you get to watch the players face while they play!


And to talk about real entertainment… watching America’s Funniest Home Videos with Dillan & his friend Kyle is the funniest thing ever. Seriously, I don’t even need to watch the show, just watching these two guys laugh hysterically at each clip gets tears running down my cheeks and stitches in my stomach from laughing at them!

{Blurry picture, but so stinkin’ funny!}

Sunday was a lazy day with church, cleaning the house, some Christmas shopping, and watching episodes of 24. One of my wondrous things this weekend was all the quality time I got to spend with Eugene for three days straight. :)


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