Monday, November 8, 2010

A perfect visit to my best friend.

I spent a long weekend in Tulsa & soaked up precious time holding my beautiful 7 month old niece and hugging my best friend & sister. I enjoyed spending time with her beautiful family {so much!}

I arrived late Thursday night, so Friday morning was my first real time to visit with them. Friday we took a lazy morning and savored morning snuggles with the baby. Baby Cate has an awesome amount of hair that looks like a crazy mohawk when she wakes up…absolutely adorable!


Later in the day, Casey & I took Cate shopping for some odds & ends. After dinner I got to enjoy the bedtime routine of a walk through a nearby neighborhood, dinner of squash & rice ceral , bath time/splash time, and good night kisses.

{a shampoo hairdo!}

This weekend with my sister was wonderful – we talked a ton, laughed a lot, cried a little. We ate like it was our job – wheat thins, nutella {gift from my observant sister}, Schuler’s pumpkin cookies, a lunch of free samples at Whole Foods, and a wonderful breakfast out at First Watch, etc.

{our free samples at Whole foods…turkey, stuffing, the works! :)}

Cate & I also made some enchiladas on Saturday {recipe here} so that her Mom & Dad to have a home cooked meal w/out doing the work. {She’s a great sous chef!}


My brother-in-law humored us & skillfully hung up a photo collage we arranged of their pretty family. {It made me smile to see some of the pictures I’ve taken displayed.}


I also got to experience a few “firsts” while visiting: first rejected baby food {bananas are not her cup of tea}, first time using a sippy cup,  and first time sitting in a high chair at a restaurant. She’s grown up so much since I last saw her!


My sister asked me take some pretty pics of the big girl. So I did just that, some at home in a pink tutu I bought her & a bunch on Saturday at a beautiful local park in Tulsa. I’ll post some today and a few more throughout this week because I can’t get enough of this pretty girl!








Oh what a great feeling it is to watch a miracle created by God laugh at me making a silly face!  I love her {so much!}





  1. Oh My! What a sweet beautiful baby girl! :) Glad you had such a wonderful time with your family! :)

  2. These are so sweet. Soap mohawks are the best!

  3. Such a sweet collection! Gotta love that tubby hair =]


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