Friday, November 12, 2010

Another sunset walk.

I’m loving this warm weather we’re experiencing here in the buckeye state. It’s supposed to reach 70 today…in November! Craziness! My friend, Libby, came over right when I got home from work to go on a walk with me & catch up.


Baby Griffin’s quite a bit bigger since I last posted a pic way back when.  At the end of our walk, the sunset was just about complete. It amazes me that every sunset looks slightly different. Really something, isn’t it!


I also was blessed with some good quality time with Eugene last night since he didn’t have basketball practice. I’m so blessed that I’m married to my best friend & that he loves me even after I sing & act like a crazy fool in front of him!

{My wondrous thing is that today is Friday & I don’t have to work an event tomorrow. Praise the Lord!}


image image

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  1. What a beautiful sunset. I love the colors and the silhouette. I also love your belly. Soon you'll have an outside baby!! Happy Thanksgiving! (linked up through trendy treehouse)


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