Thursday, November 18, 2010

Enough…and flag football champions.

Last night I did devotions with Eugene’s basketball girls. We talked on chapter 4 of Crazy Love about “lukewarm” Christians. I found this video of John Piper on the prosperity gospel that connected well to the chapter. It begs the question:   Is    God    Enough?

The video’s intense, and I’d like to keep it, so I’m posting it here. So often people want God for His stuff, the blessings we receive, and the Hell we avoid, but in actuality, God, just who He is, should be enough for us. We should want to follow Him and love Him because of who He is. Strip away all the blessings, all the stuff, all the people in our lives and God is still enough. He is all we need now and He is all we will ever need. {Praise the Lord for that!}

On a much lighter note, here’s some pictures I took of the guys playing winning during the church Flag Football Tourney. I don’t have a great lens for zooming, so they’re not the best pics, but still fun.

A quick huddle for our blue team before the play starts…


A play from the beginning – Eugene made sure I knew when editing this picture that he did in fact make this catch.


This guy {like all of the guys} was so pumped to play. He was a quarterback in high school, so it was a return to his glory days…


A touchdown play for my man…


Not sure why {considering he has a torn rotator cuff}, but Eugene took a try at being quarterback…



Of course, the pup had to attend. He was a very good mascot…


He wanted to play with Eugene on the field SO badly!


Here’s another series of a play. Run…






They had a great time playing all day…


but I think the wives had an even better time teasing them about how ridiculously sore they were the following day! ;)


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