Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another blue sky.

My day at work was a late one last night with meetings, but I finished in time to meet Eugene at our small group Bible study. We discussed the fourth chapter of Crazy Love on “lukewarm” Christians. It was pretty humbling, sobering to me. It brings me back to the realization that I’m on a daily journey in my attempt to grow closer to God, and it’s just that – a daily process. I’m so far from being perfect or anywhere near where I should be & want to be in my relationship with Christ, but thank Heavens for His grace & mercy that meets me where I am & walks me along the path. I want to make my Father proud of me so badly. I pray that He doesn’t find me lukewarm, but on fire for Him.

Here’s the chapter 4 video by the author, in case you’re interested.

While I was driving by a field today today, I couldn’t help but notice the bright blue skies.



It’s getting colder here, and the crisp air created such a beautiful backdrop for the puffy white clouds today.


{I love the sun.}


I’ve been struggling praying lately. I feel like there’s {so much} to be thankful for, and I’m really overwhelmed by all that God has blessed us with, specifically lately. I keep praying, “Thank you, Lord”, but those two words fall terribly short of offering the thanks I feel. How do I say thank you to the Provider, the Healer, the Lover, the Savior, the Perfect One other than a joyful heart and a simple, tiny, common phrase of “thank you.” I’m grateful that He hears my heart & knows the gratuities I feel yet fail so miserably to communicate with words.

He is {so} good.


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