Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving day was filled with family…they best type of holiday there is. I got to see baby Cate on her first Thanksgiving, our cute little punkin!



She’s teething like crazy & her shoes are her top choice chew toy.


Our favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I’ve loved & really cherished sharing Thanksgiving dinner with Eugene’s extended family since we started dating. It’s a huge family – 40 people – all seated at one large table.


All decorated for the occasion.


And the best part is that they take time every year, before any food is devoured, to read a passage out of the Bible,  take communion, thank the Lord for the countless blessings, and then they go around the table and gives each person the opportunity to pray aloud. His grandpa always mentions his two children that are no longer with them and thanks God for the time when they will someday meet again in Heaven.


Its such a moving experience to see such a large family gathered at one table, sharing their gratitude.


{I also knew I was special to Eugene the first year he invited me to be a part of his family’s Thanksgiving dinner.}

It was a wonderful start to the Thanksgiving holiday. We enjoyed another full Thanksgiving meal the next day with my family …details to come another day.



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