Monday, November 29, 2010

The day after Thanksgiving.

We lucked out this year {and our families worked it out well for us} and got to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family on the day of and dinner with my family the day after Thanksgiving. Like I mentioned, my sister, brother-in-law, & niece came to the Buckeye state to visit for the holiday.  So here’s an abbreviated recap of Black Friday and, no, it doesn’t include shopping {although I did score a great deal online for a Christmas gift!}

Grandpa & Uncle Eugene gave baby Cate her bananas for breakfast that morning…


And baby Cate & Grandpa shared some bonding time together…


Then my dad enlisted the guys to help him cut & stack a ton of firewood to fuel his fireplace all winter. {What great guys my sister & I have!}


Meanwhile, Grandma Linny {being the English teacher she is} read Cate a book about Rudolph…


We baked & cooked for the big family diner later that evening. I tried a new recipe for a sweet potato casserole with cranberries & pretzels in it and let me tell you, it was SO GOOD! Definitely a keeper & I’ll post the details later this week for sure.


My dad stuffed the bird with the stuffing I made…

IMG_6569{Ew, pics of turkeys gross me out, but Dad asked me to take it!}

We had a full meal – turkey, ham, home made bread, you name it!


After dinner, Eugene got some QT with baby Cate… 


We really didn’t do much of anything, other than relaxing together & relishing our time just being in the same room together. 


I love my family {so much.}


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