Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Griffin’s shower details.

As I mentioned yesterday,  this past Sunday the other ladies in my small group & I threw baby Griffin & his momma a shower at our church.

See the guests of honor {by guests, I mean the baby bump & mommy-to-be}…


We went with a blue & green theme because Libby’s decorating her nursery in those colors. I lucked out with some great ladies who wanted me to plan it all & delegate. They were willing & oh-so-helpful, so the shower turned out great! Sarah made the tissue paper poms for the decor. {You can find tutorials on how to do it online, like this one from good ole’ Martha.}


I just love how bright & airy the tissue poms are!



For the food we went light because it was at 2:30 in the afternoon. I tried my hand at Bakerella’s cake pops {I’ll post more on those another day} which were a big hit & we had sour cream & onion chips {green part of the theme}, popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, fresh fruit, chips and dip, and a candy buffet. I also used my favorite go-to punch recipe & froze some ginger ale in a bunt pan with some blue food coloring so the ice block turned the punch green & blue. :)




Aren’t the little “hello baby” signs cute?! A little work on my computer & I just printed them off nice & easy!



The pretzel rods were a lucky thought because I just happened to have leftover almond bark from the cake pops.


I loved the bright colors in the mini candy buffet!


We also used a picture from Libby’s maternity photo shoot {done by another small group wife} to decorate.


When Libby’s guests arrived, we asked them to sign a children’s book on the gift table that we later gave to her as a gift. The book was “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” by Kadir Nelson – beautiful pictures, great message. I actually bought it at a Garden Ridge in Tulsa.


We decorated the gift table with some garland, balloons, & poms.


Here’s the beautiful mommy near the gift table.


I’m not a shower game type of person, so luckily, another small group wife took on that task. Here’s Emily explaining one of the activities – she passed out cute little cards {blue & green scrapbook paper} and asked us to write words of encouragement, scripture, or helpful hints on the cards for Libby.


She then put all the cards into a cute homemade photo album so that Libby can turn to them anytime {Libby’s love language is Words of Affirmation, so this was great!}



Here’s some friends getting some sweets.


Libby got some great gifts for baby Griff & she said she felt very “showered” by all her friends at the church. :)


And finally, here’s a group pic of the wives in our “Cleaver’s” newlywed small group.


They were such a help making the shower possible & I’m so thankful it all came together so well & that Lib was happy with it!


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