Monday, November 15, 2010

A competitive weekend.

After this weekend, all I want to do is throw on some tennis shoes, step on the gym floor and play a competitive game. I spent so much time this weekend watching sports that my psycho-competitive athletic nature makes me have a serious urge to go head-to-head with someone in a sport. No, my fat butt probably won’t be playing any volleyball right now, but I sure enjoyed watching it this weekend! I watched Wittenberg beat Ohio Northern on Thursday, and beat Hope University on Saturday. Snapped lost of pictures, but I’ll keep it to a minimum for the weekend wrap-up post.


The girls played so well versus Hope, but unfortunately, they played Calvin College on Saturday in the NCAA Sweet 16 match and lost a heart-breaker in four games.


It makes me so sad to watch them lose – reliving my own season-ending losses, especially the last three years of college {in the Final Four} when I was a starter. Still, I’m proud of the Tigers this year – it was another great ride for them & I enjoyed getting to know them as they prepared for their season.

After the game Friday, we stopped by Eugene’s parents’ place to crash his sisters’ bonfire/party. The fact that there were boys at this party & that Heidi {his youngest sister} just got her driver’s permit that day, made us feel super old. When we first started dating, Heidi was only eight years old. Wow.

{This is Rita waving her glow sticks directing her friends where to park!} :)

A while back, the men in our small group decided to form a team for a church flag football tourney that took place yesterday. To say that the guys were pumped about this is a big understatement – we’re talking wrist bands with plays written on them, practices, routes drawn out, etc. They had a blast & won the whole tourney to boot!


Eugene played well {scoring a touch down in the pic above}, but, like all the other guys, he could hardly walk in church the next morning! Seriously, I had to help him put on his socks…poor thing is so sore! Guess it’s the price you pay for getting the gold {or just getting old!} ;)

Right after watching the flag football escapade, I rushed home to try my hand at making Bakerella’s cake pops for a baby shower we were throwing for Libby on Sunday. They were a bit more complicated than I expected, but they were a huge hit at the shower so I’ll count the trial as a success! {I’ll post the recipe soon.}


Then, that evening Eugene’s basketball team took on Clark State. It was such a fun game for the girls because they played the best they’ve ever played, and came out with a big win by 20 points! I enjoyed {so much} watching Eugene walk away with a clearly successful game  – he has worked so hard & sacrificed a lot for this team and it made me smile that he got to experience a big win {wondrous thing.}

Then as usual, we were up early Sunday morning to play with the two-year-olds before the church service. At one point, I looked over to see Eugene covered in little girls all trying to see the book he was reading. {Phone picture below…can you say adorable!?!} He’s great with children – such a blessing.


And finally, Sunday afternoon, we got together to celebrate Libby and baby Griffin for a church baby shower. The women in my small group & I worked together to create a blue & green shower for Lib. I really enjoyed throwing this shower because I had so much help, plus the girls just wanted me to organize some ideas & pass them on, so I got to plan all the details of the decor & food and such. I had all these ideas for her shower, and thanks to their help, we actually incorporated a ton of them!


I’ll do a blog post just about the shower later, but here’s  a couple pics to give you an idea.


She’s going to be a great momma. :)


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