Thursday, September 30, 2010

A show to laugh at & some pup pics.

Okay, not much noteworthy topics to blog about today. Yesterday was a blur of helping Eugene grade papers, taking the pup to exercise, cooking dinner {oh wait, never mind, we had cereal}, doing laundry…you get the point, lots ‘o fun.

BUT, there is one big ray of sunshine on my Wednesdays now that the new TV seasons have started again. Modern Family, oh how I’ve missed you.

I’m not a laugh-out-loud kind of girl. I never laugh at movies, one-liners, jokes – nothing. {Dull, I know.} But for some reason, this show is hilarious to me. So much so, that I actually lol.

Need to laugh? Just pick one!

And because I don’t have anything more exciting to post, here’s some pics of the pup. He loves to lay all stretched out like this {cracks me up!}


Playing with a water bottle.



Sorry for the lameness of life this week; too much work, not enough play! Tomorrow I’ll try to make a more exciting post {maybe.}


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