Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lunch with my husband.

I decided to spend yesterday away from the office. Burn out is huge in the event planning/event coordinating industry, and I completely understand why.

So I went on a run with the pup, cleaned the shower {fun stuff}, and then headed to meet my husband for lunch. I decided I’d be a nice wifey and surprise him with some of this…


We pinch pennies around our household {by choice}, so even MickyDee’s is a splurge. He loves fast food, so he was thrilled with the McDouble. :) We ate our delicious heart-attacks on a bun in his classroom & enjoyed the 40 minutes of atypical time together…making it both our wondrous things for the day.

Later that evening, we went to watch his little sister play JV Soccer. We sat through two lightening delays and 15 minutes of downpour, but it was worth it to cheer her on. We’re super proud of her…captain for her JV team & dressing Varsity!


Plus, we got some very encouraging news from the AD there about a potential opportunity for Eugene. {It’s amazing how God works.} Pretty sweet to have two wondrous things in one day!


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