Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another amazing day off.

Oh how foreign it felt to have two days off in a row! And {wondrous thing} I get to have two days off in a row again next weekend! {September 11th isn’t be best date to have a wedding or event.}

Sunday, Eugene’s grandma generously gave me an old grapevine wreath and some silk flowers she had just laying around. I’ve been wanting to make a new Fall wreath & at the cost of FREE, this was definitely something I could handle!

I’ve never made a wreath before, but it seemed pretty cut & dry {no pun intended.} So here’s the before…


The flowers she gave me came in a bunch, so I just used some wire cutters/pliers to snip off each individual flower.


I was going to use some hot glue, but I {happily} realized that all I needed to do was to simply push the wire of the flower down into the grapevine and it would stay secure.


I decided to leave the top portion of the wreath mainly bare, stuck some cattails in the bottom for some extra texture & added some little yellow fake flowers to the edges so the wreath didn’t look perfectly round.


And here’s the after shot…


I like it! Nice & festive for the season…now I just need some mums planted outside!


After I finished pretending to be Martha Stewart, we took our lovely bikes {best wedding present ever!} on a long ride to Eugene’s grandparents house & back. The weather was beautiful…a tad bit windy which made it a tougher ride, but so gorgeous!


Then we headed to my parent’s place for a steak dinner. Fabulous. {So delicious.} And finally, we headed to Cedarfest…the best fireworks around other than Red, White & Boom. Seriously, it’s surprising how great the fireworks are – probably lasted every bit of 20 minutes!


Did ya know, Cedarville is the “birthplace of Labor Day”? Fascinating, isn’t it.

We met up with Espn’s godparents {no, I’m not kidding} & enjoyed catching up with them. And Espn was super pumped to see them again – you can’t tell it from this picture, but just use your imagination.


The pup did great with all the fireworks until the grand finale when he climbed into my lap and got a little freaked.


Oh what a wonderful weekend. I miss it already!


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  1. Love your wreath! It's great how you can take some recycled odds and ends from Grandma and make them into something beautiful!

    Visiting from Melissa's Fall Nesting Party.



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