Monday, September 20, 2010

One perk of my job & a Fall photo session.

Every now and then, I get to experience one of my favorite perks of my job as an event coordinator…flowers! Sometimes the bride decides to give away or throw away her fresh floral centerpieces. This Saturday, I scored enough fresh flowers {in Fall colors} to decorate my living room with three bouquets. All three are in glasses from Ikea that I love to use as vases.

Corner kitchen cart that’s in our living room:


Side table between the sofa & loveseat:


Coffee table:


The {free} flowers make me smile every time I sit on the sofa!

It was an insanely busy weekend with two weddings to work on Saturday. But everything went off without a single glitch {success!}

A quick weekend recap – open houses on Friday & Witt vball vs. Calvin with my old teammates, cleaning & baking cookies & working all Saturday night, “teaching” the two-year-olds in Sunday school & church & errands & picture session on Sunday. Whew!

My college coach asked me to take some pictures of his family on Sunday, so we met up at a local orchard to try our luck with a photo session. Their almost-two-year-old was less than interested in the camera or me, but I think we got at least a few good shots. :)

I’m still editing most of them, but here’s a few to start with…

Meet Olivia.


She loves peanut-butter-filled pretzels & apples. ;)


Meet Olivia’s little sister, Isabel.


She was so well-behaved…even slept {for a minute} in between pumpkins.


And this is their momma, Jill.


Too cute!


She was a bit sleepy outside in the fresh air.


Olivia found a pumpkin perfectly her size.


And this is my coach, Paco.


He has a house-full of girls & can definitely make them laugh.


We walked across the street to a sunflower field – a great backdrop for some pics.


What do ya think? Remember, I have zero photography experience or knowledge, so be kind to me. :)

More to come!



  1. Caitlin, your pictures are beautiful

  2. Caitlin, the pictures are great! Love that last picture of Jill and Isabel.

  3. Caitlin, your pictures look great. You seem to have a natural understanding of some basic concepts that make good pictures- persepctive and framing. Two examples of why these pics are good: 1.) The pic of Jill with the girls and the pumpkins- Jill and the girls are the focus of the shot, but you framed them off-center, giving the pumpkins a prominent place in the picture. This makes the photo much more interesting than if they were smack in the middle of the shot; 2.) The pic of Paco and Isabel- Isabel is the focus of the shot in the foreground, but Paco smiling in the background demonstrates the relationship between the two and connects foreground and background beautifully. Love these pics! Keep up the good work.
    - Aubrey

  4. Yeah! Thanks guys! :) Oh & Aubrey...very detailed explanation - I love it!

  5. Your pictures are amazing and look so natural. You should be very proud of yourself. I bet it helps when you have a gorgeous family like the Labrador's to work with. Love them!!

  6. What great shots! And what lovely Autumn Flowers. Thank you for a lovely Sweet Shot Tuesday visit.

  7. Beautiful shots! Thanks for linking up to Clicked and Captured's photo challenge. I am just wondering - Could you please specify which picture you are entering for me so that I can count it? Thanks so much!


  8. Hannah - I was entering the photo of the thumbnail on your site, the one of the little girl & her dad laughing. Thanks!


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