Monday, September 13, 2010

Friends, football, Fall pics, and a fresh pup.

Friday night, we looked at some more houses {we liked one that had a huge yard.} After we got home, we spent the evening with these friends aka Espn’s godparents – {note: he’s laying on Lacie’s leg}…


And enjoyed a dinner of salad & grilled BBQ chicken pizza…


and played some Sequence {not to brag, but the girls won!}

Then Saturday, I tackled a painting project & enjoyed watching my husband go through a rollercoaster of emotions while he watched college football. {Note that his picture is black & white – this is because his shirt was in the ugly colors of maze & blue.}



Yes, he jumped off the couch to cheer…more than a few times.

Saturday, I had the entire day off from work – amazing! {Total wondrous thing!} So after the football games, Eugene & I rented The Book of Eli from the Red Box. We laid on the living room floor to watch the movie, just like when we were dating – I loved having a date night Saturday. It was a very interesting movie, one that makes you think. Yep, I’d recommend it.


Sunday, after church, we stopped at Eugene’s parents again and I took a short walk to snap some fall pictures. Here’s one, but I’ll post the rest tomorrow.


It was such perfect weather yesterday. After the pictures, I just sat on the swing outside and took in the Fall breeze. {Wondrous thing again.} It’s things like that, smells like the dried corn husks & feelings like the autumn sun shaded by the bubbly clouds – makes me hope I always remember exactly how it feels to be there at that time.

Meanwhile the pup was rolling in the dirt around a tree that was being watered. Sick. We toweled him off as best as we could, but then he was quarantined to the indoors. {Yes, he’s sitting on my leg – didn’t I tell you he always has to be touching someone? Total goofball!}


So the evening needed to include a bath for the disgustingly dirty pup…


…and a new collar to boot.


Fresh & so clean!


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