Friday, September 17, 2010

A rainbow out my door.

It poured hard yesterday while I was working. I mean hard. I’m talking water running in under the doors, hard. It got so foggy and misty at one point, that it was a bright yellow color everywhere. Wondering if I should be concerned, I walked out of my office to look through the door. And here’s what I saw…


I’ve never seen such a low rainbow in my life. It was bright & so low that one of my coworkers assured me it wasn’t real. {She thought it was just a reflection off the glass.} But as I stepped outside of the door, with the now-small drops of rain slowly hitting me, I realized it was completely real. 

Isn’t that so perfectly God? Downpour comes & just when we think it might be time to worry, He puts a rainbow just a few feet in front of us. So close to us that we don’t even thing it’s there. And then minutes later it’s erased by the sunshine.

Makes me wonder, what other rainbows has God placed right in front of my nose that I’ve mistakenly overlooked, thinking it they weren’t real? I pray today that I notice each rainbow God blesses me with, even the ones that seem too close to be true. {God is so cool.}

On a completely different note, I got to cheer on my best friend as she coached my old high school volleyball team.


I’m so proud of her. Coaching can be such a challenge, especially when you’re working with teenaged girls. Libby’s a great role model for them {whether they realize it now or not!}


Busy today setting up for two weddings for work today…




Tomorrow will definitely be a busy day, but that’s okay. I’m thankful for a job!


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