Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Comfort soup and splurges.

Another chilly, rainy Fall day yesterday – perfect for a bowl of soup for dinner. We had Turkey Rice Soup in the slow cooker, which worked out well since Eugene got home late because of his basketball practice. {Btw, praise: his practices have gone really well so far! Oh, minus the fact that his best player quit.}

So this probably shouldn’t count as a recipe because I just threw it in the crock pot and hoped it would turn out, but since it did, I figure I might as well jot it down for later.


Turkey Rice Soup

Cooked turkey meat {I used a frozen batch that I saved after my dad cooked a turkey dinner}
1 can of green beans, drained
2 medium carrots, sliced
2 handfuls of brown rice {Handfuls - I love that my recipes are so precise! Ha!}
1 can of chicken broth
salt & pepper & Italian seasoning

You got it – just throw it all in the Crock Pot & turn on low. Like I said, my turkey was frozen, so mine cooked cooked for seven hours. Add some saltine crackers & warm up with the soup on a cold day.

I stopped at Target yesterday & found some deals that I actually took advantage of {just because that morning my sister told me I needed to splurge every now ant then! ;) For some reason, she has this unique gift of getting my cheap frugal self to spend my dough.}

So first, since I’m slightly tired of listening to Eugene complain about not having enough light to read our devotionals every night, when I saw these lamps & had to stop at the aisle end cap.


And {I reasoned} that at the price of 14 bucks, it’s a pretty decent deal for lamps that are so pretty. :)


Now I just need to find a great deal on two big drum shades. I’m thinking something like this…


I also found these heavy-duty, brushed gold chargers.


Guess what, marked down from $9.99 to only $2.48, so I snagged three of them and started concocting plans to create some wall art using the chargers. {Stay tuned, I’ll post it when I figure out my plan of attack!}


Since I’m in no way a risk taker, I’m still holding on to the receipt and fighting my frugal personality’s buyer’s remorse. {Stupid, I know.} So whatchya think…keepers?


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