Monday, July 26, 2010

Exhausted is the best way to put it.

Are you surprised? Another jam-packed weekend for us. I’ve had another really busy day today, so this post will have to convey enough of a message with pictures.

Friday evening, I stayed late for work for a rehearsal at our venue. Left straight from there with Eugene to go to a surprise 50th birthday for his uncle.


Played corn hole. Lost because I was having a rough time keeping the beanbags on the darn boards. {I take full responsibility for the loss – sorry Eugene!}


He was surprised…even though we were told not to yell “SURPRISE!” when he walked in the door. {That made it a bit awkward for me as he stared straight at me when he walked in and all I did was smile and say “hi” like a nerd!}


Saturday, Eugene played in a church golf tournament while the pup and I tried to clean/sit outside a bit. Then, I went back into work for a ceremony & reception – both seemed to go well, thankfully.


Another family birthday party Sunday after church for Eugene’s little cousin, Owen. He had a fun Toy Story cake made by his Grandma Dottie.


We went from Owen’s party to my parents’ place to visit with Grandma Goldie who is staying there for the next week. I requested a chicken, rice, mandarin orange salad my mom makes & it was very yummy.


We took the pup for a swim, as usual.


Then we enjoyed the ride home with a pup that smelled like catfish. Mmm.

Another psycho-busy week coming up – small group tonight, rehearsal & dinner Thursday for church {I’m the wedding coordinator at my church}, then a wedding ceremony at church Friday, then two receptions for work on Saturday, and a baby shower for my cousin from Germany on Sunday. Yeah, that’s why I said…



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