Monday, July 5, 2010

A full Fourth weekend.

Our weekend began on Friday celebrating my best friend’s birthday. We’ve been good friends since we started high school & were volleyball “pepper partners.”


She got some great pregnancy gifts since she’s expecting her first little one in January. This is her showing off her body pillow…we said she needed to wear it on a plane as a neck pillow! I love her {so much} for her  goofiness! {She’s going to shoot me for putting this picture up, but that’s what friends are for!}


We had pizza, salad, and then cake & ice cream before heading out to a Griffin House concert in the local park.



Here’s a youtube video of one of my favorites from the evening. I love the lyrics! 

Saturday we attended a wedding for one of Jordan’s golf buddies. It was a beautiful day outside to be married.


It was an outdoor ceremony followed by the reception inside the a golf course club house.


Libby’s hubby had to work, so she joined us & I’m so glad she did!


They had a candy bar, ice cream bar, cake, and chocolate covered strawberries, so we were a little high off the sugar!


Oh, and did I mention she’s expecting! Woohoo! {She’s going to be an awesome momma.}


Then Sunday, we had a good sermon on how when you’ve reached the point where all you have is God, you realize He is all you really need. We spend the afternoon at Eugene’s grandparents place, watching his little cousins play in the water...


…and drive around…


…and enjoy the summer fruit! {Doesn’t the picture below doesn’t scream “Summer”!}


And finally, we took the pup to see fireworks Sunday night.



{Had to get a family portrait.}


We were so impressed with how well Espn behaved despite all the people, kids, and loud noises surrounding him! Yeah puppy!


We decided Cedarville’s Labor Day fireworks are by far the best around here. But it was still nice to see some fireworks for the Fourth.


I praise God for my country, my freedom, my family, my faith.


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