Thursday, July 29, 2010

A praise to the Provider.

Yesterday, Eugene was offered a full-time teaching position with a school about 10 minutes from our place. He’s accepting because it’s full-time and offers much better benefits. Amen. Amen. Amen! I never thought I’d be so relieved to have health benefits {something I definitely took for granted until I lost my job!}


Although we never expected him to be placed there, Eugene feels Catholic Central is where God wants him to teach this year. The principal was supposed to do a full week of in-person interviews over the next week, but after a phone interview with Eugene, he said he knew he wanted to hire him. The principal then called his boss to ask if he could scrap all the in-person interviews to speed up the process so that Eugene didn’t have to commit to the part-time job offer he had from CTC. Basically, all things came together much quicker than they normally would because the principal didn’t feel the need to interview anyone in person. {It worked out to Eugene’s benefit that he stopped by in person to drop off his resume & introduce himself, and then later in person to drop off a thank you card for his phone interview…big plus.} All this to say, it is clear God’s fingerprints were throughout the hiring process.

We’ve had so many “U turns” over the last year or so, that I’m honestly afraid to get too happy – bad, I know. I’ve learned {again and again} that cannot be dependent, or bank my happiness, on the idea of an easy, comfy, new couch/new house/big yard type of future. We will be happy and content with what we need, and God will provide what we need {He always does!}

Even though I’m still uneasy wondering what our next “U turn” will be, I cannot help but to be absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude for all who prayed for us, for all who recommend Eugene, for all who helped us search, for all who encouraged us. I’m so grateful. We thank you {so much} from the bottom of our hearts {and our wallets, ha!}

I’m really feeling this song right now. God is good, and He cares for Eugene & me. {Big praise for that.}

You Are Good by Nichole Nordeman

When the sun starts to rise
And I open my eyes
You are good, so good
In the heat of the day
With each stone that I lay
You are good, so good

With ever breath I take in
I'll tell you I'm grateful again
When the moon climbs high
Before each kiss goodnight
You are good

When the road starts to turn
Around each bend I've learned
You are good so good
And when somebody's hand
Holds me up helps me stand
You are so good

With every breath I take in
I'll tell You I'm grateful again
'Cause its more than enough
Just to know I am loved
And You are good

So how can I thank You
What can I bring
What can these poor hands
Lay at the feet of a King
I'll sing You a love song
It's all that I have
To tell You I'm grateful
For holding my life in Your Hands

When it's dark and it's cold
And I can't feel my soul
You are so good
When the world is gone gray
And the rain's here to stay
You are still good

So with every breath I take in
I'll tell You I am grateful again
And the storm my swell
Even then it's well and You are good


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