Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love lobster.

Yesterday, with the encouragement of Eugene {thank you}, I took the day off from work. Plus, we didn’t have any plans – amazing! So we slept in a bit, then met my best friend, Libby, and her husband, Scott, to go swimming a his neighbor’s pool. Three hours outside with the sun shinning and a pool to dip my feet in…such a wondrous thing.


I love spending time with these two friends {plus the itty bitty baby inside Lib!} We don’t get much time together, but the little we had yesterday was wonderful. True friends are such a blessing from God.

On our way home, we stopped to get another free {thanks to the Shumaker’s!} Papa Murphy’s pizza. We baked it at home and savored each piece {well, probably more like devoured, not savored} while watching Season Two of 24.


Then we went to the golf course down the road to hit some balls, but unfortunately the driving range was closed. We still putted & chipped some…I think I improved {very slightly maybe} on my game. ;)

Finally, when we were getting ready to go to bed, I was asked to put some lotion on my husband. He didn’t seem to care when I told him while we were at the pool when we had this discussion:

Me: “Wow, your freckles are really coming out.”

Him: “Oh yeah?”

Me: “Ok, now you’re really burning. Did you bring the sunscreen?”

Him: “Yeah, but it doesn’t matter. It’s fine.”

*Fast-forward 8 hours. {It actually looks worse in person}*


Him: “Oh {cry} my skin hurts so bad {sniffle} can you please help me {whimper}!”

Me: I love you, Lobster.


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