Thursday, July 15, 2010

The feeling you get holding a snoring baby.

Yesterday, I didn’t have the chance to blog because I worked in the morning in Urbana setting up for an event for 300 guests, and then took off the afternoon to spend time with Casey & Cate. We enjoyed lunch at my place, then met Miss Julie for Mom’s haircut…laughed at Julie’s stories of paleontologists, and then headed back to my parents’ place for dinner.

Casey asked me to do a last photo shoot before they head out on Friday morning. What a pretty baby Cate is, and what  a beautiful family Casey has. :) Makes my heart smile.


These are three of my favorite people & I’m so grateful for the days I’ve had with them here in Ohio!


Her daddy is the best at making her laugh!




Showing off her Tiffany’s bling.


Even her tootsies are perfect.


Her momma’s an OSU alum. and her daddy’s a huge fan. OH…!


I think she looks absolutely peaceful & precious in this last picture. Love it & love her.


Eugene held her late last night before we left. She fussed for a minute then he was able to walk her to sleep. She snored while resting on his shoulder, and we decided that might just be the best feeling in the world.


God did a great job with baby Cate. It’s amazing really.


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