Friday, July 30, 2010

The season for peaches and weddings.

First, and not very important, Wednesday my mom, dad, and I picked peaches from two peach trees my dad and I planted a few years ago. I find it very cool that they have grown their own fruit on trees right in their back yard. I know it’s no big deal, but it still strikes me as an obvious sign of our Creator. Fresh fruit from a tree, grown by the Master Gardener with the hands of his children.


Seriously, only God could create this from nothing! Only our Heavenly could grow a sweet, nourishing, juicy piece of fruit from rock-hard dirt. It amazes me.


So, I enjoyed a fresh peach at work yesterday. And admits my crazy busy day yesterday setting up for two receptions and planning one rehearsal, I was refreshed & reminded of God by a simple peach. Mmm. {And yes, that’s my 27 item long to-do list for yesterday afternoon. Fun.}


So, I’m the wedding coordinator for my church, and I have my first ceremony today. I’m actually nervous for this one, because to me, the ceremony was the most important part of my wedding day. I want Annie’s to be amazing, God-filled, and exactly what she hopes for – so please, if you don’t mind, say a prayer for the ceremony tonight. {Thanks!}

Rehearsal yesterday, ceremony today, Jordan has a bachelor party tomorrow, and I have two receptions for work tomorrow. Yup, it’s the season for brides!


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