Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Take a look at this beauty.

Oh joy, I have a new, big, pretty camera. Canon XSi Kit, meet the blog world.


Although I have no clue  how to use most of the features, I’m in awe of this baby. {Thanks, Dad!}  Seriously though, I’m not ashamed to admit that I even had to look up how to put on the strap in the Instruction Manual! This bad boy’s high tech, that’s for sho.

So here’s some of my first pics with the new {non-crapo} camera – with small editing done. Ah mazing. {Oh, and I think these pictures are too pretty to add a border to, so they don’t match the normal look of the blog, but oh well!}

We took the pup to the pond again because we were expecting vip visitors last night. ;)


My parents have a mini grove of fruit trees. This tree had a net over it, but the camera focused on the fruit rather than the net. Just lovely.


The picture below is probably my favorite of the evening with the camera. I love {so much} how it blurs the background.


Corn is a way higher than knee high by the forth of July.


The pup was just a tiny bit excited to swim again!


Pretty pond. More editing done on this one than the others.


Shakin’ off.


Love this one too.


Practicing portraits. :)


Climbing vines on my Mom’s arbor.


Creek water running.


Branches sticking out of the brush pile.


Again, proof of my Mom’s master gardening skills.


The cat loves to torture my pup. I swear she just grins at him from the inside of the house taunting him.


And now…the VIP visitors! YEAH – baby Cate is in Ohio! {Can we say WONDROUS THING!?!} How pretty is this little girl.


Baby Cate and Uncle Eugene finally meet.


Spending a little time with Grandpa.


And then finally, the pup this morning not wanting to come downstairs. Guess he was still sleepy.


So whatcha think? Like the camera? I do!


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