Friday, July 9, 2010

A birthday celebration with family.

Although I had a rotten day at work, we really enjoyed our time with both our families to celebrate Eugene’s birthday last  night. We ate tons of food, none of which was very good for ya, but all of which was delicious. Our menu consisted of Papa Murphy’s pizza kindly provided by Eugene’s parents, spinach salad with strawberries, mandarin oranges, walnuts, and poppy seed dressing, then snickerdoodles, monkey bread, and fruit pizza.



Thanks for the fruit pizza, Casey!


I think my monkey bread recipe is the all-time favorite one I own.


Baby Cate made her grand appearance to meet everyone.


Eugene got some of his favorite things for his birthday.


Heidi got to hold the sleeping beauty.


Cate got time with both her favorite aunt-in-laws.


And Heidi even gave Cate some ADORABLE little Crocs!


It was so nice to have everyone all sitting together. We are so blessed by our family.


Another crazy rough day today at work, but we’re hoping for a relaxing evening together tonight to recoup.

p.s. the recipes for some of the dishes are soon to come…whenever my life settles down!


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