Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We have a bathroom ceiling…without a hole.

Remember back when I detailed my wallpaper woes {I still cannot believe they stamped coyotes on the walls}, and I explained that, since our house sat empty for almost two years, the old roof started to leak, causing this lovely hole in the bathroom ceiling…


Well since we finally had a few days of good weather & got our brand new roof, we are now ready to have our ceiling replaced in the bathroom. {Praise the Lord!} So even though the hideously ridiculous ever greens & coyotes/horse/moose things are still haunting my bathroom walls, we’re one step closer to a major revamp. Look, ma, no hole!


Ohhh, ahhhhh!


And because it’s so nice to not have a gaping hole in my bathroom, here’s some pictures from this morning…

 IMG_0505 IMG_0507

We had to channel our inner MacGyver to shower last night, since we didn’t have our curtain rod up anymore {and I didn’t have time/energy/will to go get a tension rod because I just bought a nice new permanent rod to install.} Our solution? Packing tape. It looked so janky, and it was a challenge to get in and out of the shower, but it worked and it was free. {Ha!} This bathroom looks so gross, I know. But it’ll look so much better some day…it better.


We’re having a local guy doing the work for us, and so far he’s doing great work! I also discovered where the previous owners cut a large rectangle opening in the hallway wall, and instead of repairing the hole, they decided to put a vent over it & pretend it was an air duct. Hmm. {Seriously?!} So Ray kindly patched that hole too.


I had an hour and a half to paint some more cabinets after work & before I left for small group. Here’s what they look like primed…


And after the first coat of paint. Already looking so much better!


Since I didn’t show you a fully primed picture yesterday, here’s what my kitchen’s looking like these days…





Oh well, we’re making progress I guess. I was up until 4:00 am this morning super sick with a violent stomach thing. It was terrible & I still feel rotten, so I’d love some prayers for health & that things in our life can look up a bit. {Thank you.}



  1. your kitchen already looks awesome and it's not even done yet! i can't wait to see it finished!
    hope you're feeling better too !

  2. I'm not even kidding, I literally gasped with amazement with how beautifully bright your kitchen already is!! I LOVE it!! I also have to tell you the paragraph with your and 'Eugene's' hands almost made me cry! So beautiful and powerful! Someday these exhausting moments will be remembered if not fondly, at least as a time in your life where God helped you learn even more how to love and lean on each other and Him... Thanks so much for sharing and encouraging!!

  3. Thanks Kerriann & Sarah. Your nice words made my day! :) I think the mess in the kitchen is clouding my vision b/c I really can't even see much of a difference with the white! Craaazy!

  4. Wonderful, dear! I love your new kitchen. It looks amazing! And good thing you had that pesky ceiling hole repaired. No more dripping water in your house, hehe. Good job!


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