Monday, April 18, 2011

A bachelorette reunion weekend.

I had a load of fun this weekend. Saturday morning, I whipped up a new recipe, cinnamon sugar doughnut muffins, to take with me for breakfast following a reunion of sorts with my college volleyball team.


We were gathering in Alliance to throw this lovely lady her bachelorette party.


We had lots of food to devour, which is one talent our volleyball team always boasted. We dominate at volleyball and eating!


We laughed and laughed some more as we sampled & learned about some new products for the bachelorette. ;)


She opened some crazy gifts, spices to fill her kitchen, and recipes to share with her future hubby. Despite being retired from college volleyball {against our will} we are still proud Tigers…hints the costume we made the bride-to-be wear below.


Our three go-to volleyball defenders posed in they geese stance – like a flock of geese covering the court – three years later, they still love that pose!


It was so wonderful to get to catch up on everyone’s lives….even at 3:00 am when I’m told “I’m hearing you, but I’m not listening because I’m asleep!”


Such great friendships that started with sweat & 45 lb plates, and now continue with talks of our careers, marriages, and families. It’s crazy how things have changed, yet when we get together we are still just like we were in college – crazy, goofy, & full of heart.

We got together for a group shot, and instead of a “real” pic, we had three different expressions as my camera timer took three quick pictures. You can tell some of us forgot what face to make, but it’s definitely funny!


We passed the night away with games, talking, dancing & more laughing. I had {so much} fun with these girls! And I am really happy that my good friend is going to get to experience the blessing of marriage too!

{blurry pic alert, sorry.}

It was a long drive back, but I was very thankful for the beautiful sunshine, bright blue skies, and greener-than-ever grass I passed the whole trip. Must be the tons of rain we’ve had, but this grass was crazy bright green.


And on a side note, thanks for all the love I’m getting on my kitchen cabinet re-do! It’s such an encouragement to hear that others think it looks better too! :)


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