Thursday, April 7, 2011

Start the countdown.

Lately, every time my sister calls me and asks what I’m up to, I only have three answers (1) working, (2) painting, or (3) at a baseball game. I’m okay with that, it’s just funny that it’s gotten to the point she doesn’t even have to ask what I’m doing, she just knows it’s one of the three answers. :)

Speaking of baseball, Eugene’s team had a big win last night.



I realized a bit too late {oops} that Espn wasn’t just chewing on the baseball yesterday, he was actually ingesting the leather & stitching. Lovely. He was not happy when I stole the ball away from him; hopefully, he won’t get sick from it.


The weather was gorgeous yesterday. Much more like baseball weather than the snowy freezing situation we were in the day before.


And especially in that weather, I really enjoy watching baseball. That is, except when my husband’s running out to argue with the umpire about a poor call. Yes, the call was terrible, and he was arguing with good reason & not cussing or being disrespectful to the man, BUT if he gets thrown out of any game, we have to pay a $100.00 fee because of some high school baseball regulation. {Uh, no. I’m not okay with that.} Luckily, Eugene stopped arguing just shy of getting tossed, so we’re safe this time. {You can translate that to mean that Eugene’s safe from my wrath.}


Despite that close call {pun not intended}, it was a good day for Eugene in general. His team won, the Red’s won, we had his favorite homemade French fries with dinner, and we actually had time to relax together without painting or grading papers! Good day, indeed.

So now for the explanation behind the title of this post. I’m gonna go ahead and start the countdown until I get to see my sister, her husband & baby Cate. Woohoo! It’s been over four months since I’ve seen my best friend & my beautiful niece, so I cannot wait to see this pretty girl celebrate at her first birthday party later this month. She’s changed so much & growing great.

It’s crazy that just almost a year ago, Cate was a tiny newborn….


Here’s two pics I edited for my sister. What a big girl she is now!


And a rare occasion captured here…


This girl’s got too much to do to waste her time sleeping! {I love her lush lashes in the picture.}

Mmm, can’t wait to see her soon & give my sister a great big hug. :)



  1. I know this is totally random but you commented on my blog a while ago and when I clicked on your profile your "About Me" shocked me with how much we seem to have in common. I probably went through stalker-ish amounts of your posts. ha! Looks like you are having a great time making your house a home!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and have a great night! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by to say hi, Kelsey! :)


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