Monday, March 21, 2011


What a busy busy weekend! Since I’m short on time {busy day today too}, here’s a quick recap. I’ll add in the details later this week when things slow down a bit.

Friday, when I got home from work, I sewed a quick throw pillow out of this shirt…


Then when Eugene’s practice ended, we ran to little Miss Ava’s 3rd birthday…


Saturday morning, Eugene’s team had their first baseball scrimmage. I made sure to get there early enough so I could see my man back in action, hitting his team some warm up. {The most handsome coach I’ve ever seen.} ;)


While we were at the scrimmage, our roof was completed. So crisp & clean & not leaky!!


About an hour after the scrimmage, I left to work a wedding for 300 guests. The family was so happy with the evening that they kept thanking me profusely. It was so nice to feel appreciated for all the hard work! After the reception, we tore down, cleaned, and reset for another event I have today.


Sunday, we had our fun two-year-olds in church, worship service, and then we went out to eat & to Ikea with our friends Sara & Jake. {More on the purchases another day.}


We got home from Ikea in time to pick up the chaotic mess we call our home & head to bed totally exhausted. Whew! I really don’t think I could’ve packed anything else into our weekend, but it was definitely a great time!



  1. And you managed to document your day with great pics?!! Well done!

  2. Aww happy 3rd birthday little one :) She's *sweet* indeed!


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