Monday, April 11, 2011

Grab a cup of coffee; it’s a long one.

Ready for another long whirlwind weekend wrap up? Okay, grab a cup of coffee & a comfy seat, this one’s gonna take a while.

Friday after work, I met my best friend Lib & the super cute Griff to watch the Bad News Bears Eugene’s team play. Unfortunately, his team is really young, and while they’ve done awesome so far this season, Friday’s game was far from awesome. They played young and lost badly, but you’ll have that. Give ‘em two years and they’re gonna dominate consistently like old pros. :)

Griff seemed to enjoy his time at the ballpark…


So precious!


Gotta love those cheesing chubby cheeks!


So, naturally after my daily does of baseball, I needed my fix of cabinet painting on my Friday night {sense the sarcasm.} Saturday was more kitchen work, and a road trip with Eugene to look at some house stuff in Columbus. I love longer car rides with my husband {so much.} On our way back we stopped at my parents’ house for hot hot chicken wings {made Eugene sweat} for dinner. We walked back their path to see their newest hobby – bee keeping.


They’ve taken courses, built hives, researched like PhD students, ordered their bees, and are all ready to become master bee keepers…


The colored stickers on the hives lets the bees know which hive they’re supposed to go into. {Crazy.}


Theoretically, after a while my parents won’t have seasonal allergies from pollen anymore thanks to the bees & honey. The whole bee keeping process is pretty amazing.

Okay, onto Sunday. The weather was PERFECT! We set a record high in the 80s and it was oh so nice to open the windows wide, play some Needtobreathe, light my favorite candle and begin the long task of putting the kitchen back together.

The pup was in doggy heaven laying outside in the warm weather while I watched him from the kitchen window… {and yes, our yard is still a disaster from the septic replacement months ago – waiting on the company to come back and level it all.}


Oh my word, this is the best smelling Spring candle e v e r. My mom bought it for me exactly a year ago. I stored it safely over the winter & twelve months later it’s still a wondrous thing!


And I’m really sick of boxes. I don’t want to see another moving box until I’m 90 years old and moving to a retirement home!


I made a lot of progress in the kitchen – got everything put back in its place after cleaning each item {every last thing was covered in sand from our doorway opening experience}. See? No more plastic shelving or table covered in dishes and hand towels.


Sunday evening, I was ready to put the cabinet doors on, but once I got two up there, I saddly realized I really need to do one last coat on the doors. {ARGH!} I really wanted to be completely done with the cabinets in a week, so it was a major bummer to see that another coat was needed, but I also don’t want to go through all this work to have cabinet doors that don’t look great. All this to say that I’ve got at least another week until the full cabinet reveal, but I’ll give you a current look at the kitchen today…




{Yes, that’s a mop handle sticking out of the sink…just keepin’ it real.}



Notice something here? Or should I say lack of something here?


I finally removed the blue plastic protective plastic from our dishwasher & oven. Woohoo! Looks so much better! You can also get a sneak peak at what we’re thinking of doing for our blacksplash & countertops. {More on that later though.} I also found this beautiful antique bowl that my Aunt Bobby gave me for my hope chest years and years ago. I’ve never used it, but I thought it matched the Fiestaware perfectly. Happy little punch of color to our table this week!


And just for kicks, here’s a door-less cabinet before & after.

IMG_0312 IMG_0689

Like it so far? I think I do. :)


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