Friday, April 1, 2011

A great start.

Eugene’s team won their season opener yesterday against a good team from the Dayton area. And, his team didn’t just win, they run-ruled the other team. {All you non-baseball peeps out there, that basically means his team scored so many runs they called the game early because the other team didn’t have a chance to come back.}

Cause I love taking pictures & I love sports shots too, ya’ll are gonna have to look through bunches of baseball pics for a while.  P.S. If you stick with it, an exciting house update should be coming next week…hopefully.

Team huddle before the game…


Infielders breaking from a huddle at the pitcher’s mound…


First pitch…


Espn trying to chew through a baseball…


A little pep talk at the mound…


A good-lookin’ 3rd base coach… ;)


Scoring the first run…


And 13  more to follow…


The pup & I stayed in the press box for a while to warm up. He was intent on watching the game…


They won 14-4 with a walk off home run to finish it off.



Eugene was so happy, and I was so happy because I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this start to his career as a head baseball coach.


And to top it off, he was interviewed on a local radio station for their high school sports round up that evening…


The last week has been a really rough one for us, but it was refreshing to have something like this to be happy about. I’m so proud of him.


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