Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter egg flop.

First, I’ve had these on my desk all week. While we’re on the subject of things that I believe are going to be in Heaven, the smell of hyacinth is definitely at the top of the list. Lilac, hyacinth & doughnuts, Amen.


Second, yesterday after work I went to look for my camera. I usually carry it in my purse, but for the last day or so it hasn’t been there. My thoughts went something like this, “Hmm, I think my camera’s on the kitchen table. Nope, hmm, maybe it’s…last time I saw it I was building that fireplace outsideohmygosh. Tell me it’s not been outside in the rain for 24 hours!” And it was.


And when I found it in the mud, it didn’t look like it did the day I bought it – that’s for sure. My brain must have taken a vacation day because I left my camera, which was over five hundred dollars, outside for two straight nights. One of which, I woke up sure that our basement would be flooded because of the terrible rain {it wasn’t, PTL}. Torrential downpour & standing water all over our backyard. I found my love camera under a chair that was blown over in our backyard. Devastated, I gave it a .01% chance of actually ever working again. I turned it on. Nothing. I changed the battery & a light flicked on but it still didn’t work. {Hope!} So I put the camera & lens into a huge bowl of uncooked white rice in hopes that it would soak up the water & maybe revive my friend camera. Oh, and I cursed the devil for messing with me again & prayed hard that God wouldn’t make me handle an expensive camera broken out of my stupidity.

You know what? God had mercy on my pour desperate soul & the camera worked perfectly this morning! :) Hallelujah! I can’t believe that it stayed outside through frost, tornado warning {or watch, I never know the difference}, lightening, inches of rain, and mud and still works! Amazing! Thank Heavens, because I honestly don’t think I could have handled that right now.

Onto less stressful items…

Don’t ask me why, but I decided to dye some eggs last night at 9:00 pm. {Weird… I know.} I tried a technique I saw online by the Martha where you use olive oil to create a marbleized design on your egg. It’s supposed to look like this…

image {image source}

Haha, well, as you probably gathered from the post title, mine didn’t quite turn out like that. Um, not even close! It’s okay though, I still have fun pretty eggs. Here’s some pics from the process…


I was secretly happy that I could use my Fiesta Ware to color code the process {=nerd.}


I was also happy to see that my egg carton gave me an encouraging Bible verse to get into the spirit of things {pun intended.} Check out the top right corner of the egg carton lid…who would have thought you’d see it on an egg container?


Darn Martha led me astray. Or I’m too dumb to figure out her directions.

IMG_0929    IMG_0934


These don’t look marbled. At all. Well, maybe the yellow one just a really tiny bit, but that doesn’t count in my book. {Big flop.}


But good news – I put the on my pretty newly re-found antique treasure & they made for a gorgeous Easter arrangement. So classically beautiful!



You can kinda see the slightest marble below. Maybe.

IMG_0943  IMG_0949


I love how beautiful they look with that bowl. Makes me smile!

P.S. Something else that makes me smile is seeing her in her pj’s


…and knowing I have a few more days to see her. :)


Love this girl & her momma.


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