Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Opening up a bit.

So yesterday I was bragging about having a bathroom without a hole in the ceiling, but today I’m gonna flip that on ya & brag because another room has a larger hole now. When Eugene & I first toured our house, we both agreed instantly that we wanted to change this…


This weird shaped opening is between our living room & our kitchen/dining area. These 1/2 wall shelf unit was probably super cool back in the day when our little ranch was born, but we’re really not diggin’ it in 2011. I even took the liberty to rip off the frame around the shelf thing back when I was painting the kitchen & living room, taking it to this…


Well, I handed the baton over to the great guy who is masterly replacing our bathroom ceiling. He worked his magic & I came home from work giddy to find a great big opening in our two main rooms.

Check. It. Out…


The picture above is looking from our dining area in the kitchen towards the living room. Don’t mind the mess of kitchen items stored under the blanket on the chair, cookie sheets under the chair, the dog chewing a bone on the folded-over rug, the parfait bowl & mini crock pot on the ottoman, the hole created in the wood floor, the terrible faux brick in the kitchen, or the dusty dirty flooring. {Other than all that} isn’t that doorway a beaut?!

Here’s the view from the living room to the kitchen. Oh so messy, but that opening’s great!


And a closer view of the nice work being done.


I’ll do a real before & after comparison once it’s finished and once I have the place somewhat back in order. I’m pretty much pumped about the improvement.

We had another baseball game yesterday. It was freezing out, and we lost, but nonetheless I managed to snap a few pictures of the game because it was a bit odd in appearance. We’ll see if you can figure out what I mean…


Notice anything unusual?

Yeah, Eugene’s team was the away team, but they were wearing white uniforms – and so was the other team. Eugene ordered new uniforms this year, and they failed to arrive on time. So we had a white out baseball game! {They arrived today, 24 hours too late.}


I’ll limit myself to just 3 more baseball pics today.



I like this pic for artistic reason, not related to baseball. ;)


I’m still painting cabinets & will be for the rest of the week, if not longer. Hang tight, I’m hoping the after picture will be oh so worth it.


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