Friday, April 29, 2011

Marathon mish-mash post.

It’s a mish-mash post today – a little life stuff and a little house stuff.

First, how cute is the pic of Eugene & baby Griff. from a couple nights ago? I mean, come on. Adorable.


Yesterday, Eugene finally had a baseball game that didn’t cancel due to rain.



They were playing a big game against my alma matter & were actually winning 2-o in the fifth.


The pup & I were have a grand ol’ time watching the team play so well…that is, until we encountered more rain {yet again.}


We waited patiently {& sopping wet} in the car to see if they were going to get to finish the game, but unfortunately they called it after about 30 minutes. They’ll have to pray for nice weather this weekend to make the game up. Later in the evening, we gathered at Eugene’s parents’ place to watch The Office’s farewell to Michael. {I’m not certain, but I think Eugene shed a tear.} And I got to celebrate my birthday yet again with this beautiful cake made by my awesome sister-in-law, Rita. I’m so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family!


Alright, onto house updates. It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the house, and that’s because I’ve been so busy with life lately that I haven’t had any spare time to work on it! I did squeeze in two small projects though. For some dumb reason, when we painted the cabinets, I didn’t paint the window frame. I guess it was because I was tired of prepping everything, so I just left it for later. See the ugliness below?


Yeah, that needed fixed asap. Cleaning, sanding, taping, priming & 3 coats of paint later…


… I had a much nicer view of the back yard. :)


Ahh, much better. Oh, and see that pretty potted plant on my counter – that’s one of my birthday plants from my sister. I need some better weather to plant the bulbs around the house soon!


I’ve started prepping the window by the table for the white paint too…


But that’s the farthest I’ve gotten on this one!

And remember the big hole left from where we removed the original wall oven? Maybe this will help jar your memory, the kitchen with the wall oven…


The kitchen without the wall oven…


The kitchen without the oven but with white paint…


So we didn’t have cabinet doors to match that opening, and I didn’t really want doors anyway, so I used the fabric I bought to make kitchen curtains to sew a simple cover for the opening.


I like the vintage-ish look it has…


Much better than looking at the microwave & cereal boxes! I may add on more fabric at the bottom to make it slightly longer, but I’m going to wait until I make the other kitchen curtains first.

I also took an updated pic of our hallway & living room, since they’ve changed some too.

Hallway before…


Hallway now…


Still have a ton of trim & doors to paint white {some day}. The runner was onsale for $15 bucks {thanks, Mom} from Lillian Vernon.

And the living room before…


And now…


Don’t mind the dirty floor above. Having new dry-wall work done & tons of rain outside = messy floor for a while, no matter how many times you mop.

Well, guess that was a marathon mish-mash post. I’m working two events this weekend, so it’s highly unlikely that I have anything interesting to post on Monday. Eh, oh well. I’ll just be happy to make it through all this work to Sunday!

P.S. I know she can’t read this, but I have to wish my precious baby niece a very Happy First Birthday! What a blessing you are to our family. :)



  1. Everything is looking great. I hear on you on all the trim and doors left to paint. I walk by mine every day and think "one of these days....".

  2. Caitlin, your house is looking better and better. It's funny but we had the same paint color in our hallway and the walls in our living room were "Barney" purple!!!
    About painting the trim...I still have them in my "to do list" (and it has been 3yrs. since me moved!) Oh well of these days.


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