Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pretty petals.

I should go back and count how many days I have my wondrous thing as food. Ha, guess God knows how to make me happy…bless my stomach. :) My coworker gave me all these pretty pastel Reese's mini cups. {Happiness.}


Eugene’s team played the best they have all season yesterday & earned a big win. They’re now just a game away from being first in their conference!


I like the picture on the left of Eugene’s stopwatch – looks kind of like a vintage pic to me. 

IMG_0730  IMG_0744 

He was really proud of his team. It’s nice when you work so hard to teach players the game, and then you have a day where you actually feel like they might be getting it. :)


Yesterday when the bright sunshine was just about finished rising for the morning, I snapped these pretty Spring pictures of a tree at my office. I think it’s a Prunus Snow Fountain, but I’m really not sure. Regardless, it has the prettiest small cherry-blossom-ish blooms right now.





I love how the early sunshine highlights the tiny veins in each petal. So pretty.


Seriously, how truly beautiful…


I’m hoping that by tomorrow I should finally be ready to share the big reveal picture of our newly painted cabinets with hardware…fingers crossed!


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