Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long overdue yard work.

Sunday, after my fun-filled Saturday, I mustered enough energy to tackle some long overdue yard work with my man. We first bagged up a ton of soggy leaves from our front yard & I pulled out a dead {orange} bush from the front of the house.


We were blessed by his grandparents who gave {yes, gave} us a lawn mower they picked up years ago but never used. We bought a new battery for it & Eugene knocked out cutting our grass which was looking more like wild terrain next to a massive mud pit {aka the new septic tank area.}


While he carefully navigated our new yard to avoid any unexpected road hazards,  I got my lift on & removed a bunch of rocks from our yard. The stones looked nice for the most part, but they stuck above the ground, making it hard/dangerous to mow, and they also were haphazardly arranged and thus not very practical.


A shovel to get ‘em started, some good ole fashion muscle, & an hour or so and the path now looks…well, lets be honest, it looks worse…but at least we can safely mow with out ruining our new & free mower. 


I also took the liberty of prying out all the stones around a flower weed bed in the front yard. {My biceps can thank me later.} It’s not really my style to have a separated area for flowers in our front yard, plus the same pesky issue with mowing existed, so we nixed the stones here too. {The pup didn’t feel like moving, so he’s blocking the middle of the picture.}


I replanted the flowers that we were blessed withwith earlier this Spring & moved them from that stoned area to the flower beds next to the house.


I then carried the stones to this large weird ring we have in our back yard. It used to be a pool {I’m assuming} but since we don’t want to shell out the cash to fix the indented ring, we’re going to work with what we’ve got {seems like my life theme.} We used to stones to make a small fire ring in the center so people can circle around the fire & the pool indent looks somewhat natural.


The pic above is before I finished making the ring. It’s actually not as wide, but taller now. Eugene & I shared our first bonfire at our first home together. It’s the little things.


Oh, and meanwhile the pup decided to take a dive {literally} in a big puddle behind our backyard. The dog loves water.


Then he proceeded to pout because I yelled at him.

I must say, the yard looks a lot better – even despite the huge mudded septic area and holes from the removed stones. I’m just thankful we even have a real yard! I can’t wait for the day when we have friends over for a backyard cook out. Makes me smile just picturing it. :)


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