Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wallpaper woes.

I decided a week or so ago that I couldn’t handle staring at the ugly “English Herb Garden” wallpaper surrounding the main bathroom walls. The paper wasn’t that bad, and at least it matched the pink ceramic tile, but it was so dirty and poorly done {crooked lines, overlapping on the ceiling, rounding the corners too tightly} that it looked terrible. So I took the scraper to it using the same stuff I used for the kitchen.

When I finally got to the top of the first wall I was working on, I removed part of the border and couldn’t believe my eyes. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Just when I thought the floral wallpaper couldn’t get any worse, I found this…


What the heck is that? A fox, a horse, a dog, a coyote? Seriously, WHO does THAT to a wall?!


And after more work on the walls, it got worse. Not only do I have coyotes hand stamped using a kitchen sponge cut out with unevenly applied paint, but there are also two evergreen trees in between each animal. All with the pink tile underneath. Lovely. Eugene said it looks like they had a little kid have craft time in the bathroom. Oh man.



See how uneven the stamping is? Sheesh! And, this is the bathroom that needs a new ceiling {already contracted out, don’t worry.} The house needs a new roof {also in the works}, and it’s evident only in one place, the bathroom ceiling.


Oh, and the previous owners aparantly didn’t feel like removing parts of an old layer of wallpaper prior to stamping & adding the English Herb Garden wallpaper. Hmm, maybe this means the animal’s a horse? That’s one sad shape of a horse.


Well, I guess it’s safe to say that this bathroom’s got no where to go but up!

How about a picture of a pretty animal, rather than a coyote-horse-thing to end this post?


I’m home for a sick day today…the pup’s loving lounging with me. He’s so spoiled. :)


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  1. That is just hilarious!! What were they thinking!!? :)


  2. I have to laugh at this! When we bought our home awhile back, the wallpaper in the livingroom was giant barns and tractors in an antique brown/gold toned paper. Hideous! I couldn't stand to look at it after a week of living there and decided I might as well take it down since new stuff would eventually go up.

    Behind the tractor barn thing we found shiny black and silver metallic paper with medieval gallant knights wearing full armour, riding horses and brandishing swords.

    It didn't last long either.

  3. Carolyn, that's too funny! Knights, really?! Things that make you go, Hmmmm... :)


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