Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love a good deal {so much.}

Since Saturday night and Sunday were so packed, I didn’t get the chance to share my super exciting Friday night…I went grocery shopping. Contain your excitement. Eugene went with his family to the Red’s game and so I was left to finish up some stuff from my to-do list, and then later Libby visited and joined me for a walk with the pup at the Reservoir.

I am aware that this makes me a super nerd, but I was pumped because of the amount of groceries I got at Meijer all for under 25 big ones. SDC14893

I don’t normally use coupons. I can almost always get the off-brand stuff cheaper at Aldi than when I used coupons, plus they’re time consuming. But this time around, I decided to give it a shot because I found out that Meijer doubles coupons up to $1.00. Good enough for me to try. So basically, using coupons and finding in-store specials, I scored all of this {you can’t tell, but it’s really 4 packages of english muffins there!} for $25…pretty good, I think! Again, I realize I’m weird and a nerd about deals.


Continuing the theme of deals, Eugene & I experienced the huge deal in Springfield – the Annual Ramar Garage Sale. Uh, this is no joke. Cars were lined on every inch of this large neighborhood. I would guess 800 people at least. Can we say crazy!?


We scored some good deals on baby stuff because {new news here people} BABY CATE IS VISITING NEXT MONTH!!! I’m so pumped to have 10 days – yes, you heard that right – 10 whole days with my sister, her husband, & baby Cate! Ah, can’t wait!


Anyway, back to the {lame} story, the nice thing about this sale is that it’s a really nice neighborhood with nice stuff for sale too. We bought a bouncer for five bucks, a boppy for only ten, and 25 Titlist golf balls for five bucks. Ok, so boring to most, but I enjoyed it!

Later Sunday night, I snapped these pictures. The little brown pup is Panga, and she hates Espn. I mean, it’s bad. But Sunday night, for approximately 3 minutes, they laid side-by-side almost like they were friends. Weird dogs.


Eugene’s working Cedarville’s basketball camp from 8 am – 11 pm this week, and I miss him! I’m thankful for a temp job for him though. We’ve had a few leads come in this week for the job search, so it’s been some-what encouraging. He’s interviewing for two {one Wednesday morning and another Friday.} Prayers would be great for that!

p.s. sorry this post is pretty lame-o!


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